At Sentiments, we believe that every woman should find her dream dress in which she can shine with confidence and beauty. Whether it’s for a wedding, your bridesmaid dresses, professional engagements, refined black-tie affairs,  or simply to treat yourself, we can create the dress just for you.

Our vision and values are those of a more eco-friendly approach for our wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be better to wear the ideal dress, a tailor-made one that reflects your own personality, your desires, and that corresponds more to a style than to a trend, that you will enjoy wearing for many years rather than dresses without personality, worn by everyone?

Sentiments is the guaranty of wearing dresses which answer only to your style and identity to release you from the dictates of the fast fashion which make you only push to the overconsumption for a uniform clothing appearance in perpetual change.

Infused with love and artistry, every dress is meticulously curated and handcrafted at our prestigious atelier nestled in the heart of Budapest. You can choose a design, pick the fabric / colour. We only work high quality fabrics. All fabrics come from either Switzerland, France, Austria or Italy. When you entrust us with your vision, our esteemed designer Beatrix will guide you through the process, crafting a unique masterpiece that epitomizes the essence of Budapest’s creative spirit. It will be a reflection of your personality, aiming to create timeless designs to last, because with Sentiments, style prevails over the trend.

Embark on this sartorial journey with us, and together, we shall fashion a dress that is as extraordinary as you are.


Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

Step 2: Discovering the Perfect Design

Step 3: The Choice of Fabrics and Accessories

Step 4: Precision in Measurements

Step 5: The Fitting Experience

Most custom designs are completed in 2-3 weeks.

For Inquiries and Reservations: Reach out to us, and our team will be delighted to assist you.


Engage in the realm of sophistication and professionalism with Sentiments’ impeccably crafted dresses, tailored to elevate your presence during meetings, presentations, and networking events. Our garments effortlessly combine a powerful image with the freedom to express your unique style, harmonizing elegance with formality.


By wearing the the same or similar clothes, mothers and daughters can showcase their love, create lasting memories, and capture beautiful moments together, all while looking fashionable and adorable. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the unique connection and bond between mothers and their daughters through the language of fashion.


Sentiments has always been committed to high-quality and exclusive design, and we are proud to dazzle our brides in their most precious moments. Our wedding dresses are more than mere garments – they are masterpieces that embody the perfection of romance, femininity, and elegance. Sentiments’ style and expertise are evident in every tiny detail of the design, from the selection of exclusive fabrics and delicate embroideries to the tailored stitching and exquisite embellishments.